Monday, March 31, 2008

Amy Ried With Cup

Amy Ried is a well known adult film star. At the time we did this shoot, Amy said she had never done a fine art style photo shoot. Amy was great to work with and had no trouble adjusting the way she works.


The Artist said...

You're a lucky guy, Amy is so Hot!!!!!
Thanks for posting these of Amy, she really looks so great in the way that you've shot her!

Angerotica said...

je réponds suite à votre message déposé sur mon site: A savoir que je n'ai pas puisé cette photo sur votre site web mais sur un autre site sans nom d'auteur spécifié!! Bien souvent,les oeuvres d'artistes se promenent sur la toile sans nom du photographe ni lien.

Bligny said...

I'm very fond of your photo, and I have a penchant for erotic pictures that are dedicated to the cup of coffee:
I offer my apologies more hearted, and I proceeded to enter and recommending your blog, because the pictures are artistically very beautiful.
I go out of my home and from PC fore some day, if you want a recognize... or I had really to erase the photo i will do it as soon as possible.

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Good luck and good work

Bligny sensually