Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sometimes I'm asked why the subjects of my photos are not smiling very often. I think an image can create more interest if it is somewhat mysterious. Viewers are far more likely to wonder "why is she so sad" than "what is she so happy about".

Either that or it's because I'm so depressing to be around.


Anonymous said...

That's quite true. Also interesting is the odd, seemingly out of place, addition to the shot. Such as in this one, the model is wearing high heels. Or the coffee cup as shown in some of your other works. Nice shot, BTW.

Nakenbilderna said...

Thanks. For better or worse, I like to use props. Props can support the illusion that the shot has not been posed. Women's legs generally look better in heels.

Library Vixen said...

I love this one and I really appreciate the comments your write about your own work, it adds a lot.